04 November 2016

Rookery, Trepagnier Plantation House

Rookery (Trepagnier plantation house),
Norco, St. Charles Parish, Louisiana.

From this 1938 photo, one an only imagine what this house might have looked like in its prime. Now, in 2016, it no longer exists. The Rookery was the Trepagnier plantation house.

Decorations above the mantel of old plantation house 1938. 

One room in the old Trepagnier house circa 1938.

About 178 years ago (1838) this was the scene of an uprising on the part of Negro slaves. They were held off by M. Trepagnier until the arrival of military forces which decimated the ranks and paraded the heads on poles through the streets of New Orleans.

The Trepagnier Plantation was expropriated, along with several others, by U. S. Army Corps of Engineers to build the Bonnet Carré Spillway.

[St. Charles Parish, Louisiana. 'The Rookery', Trepagnier plantation house. Norco vicinity. Photographer: Frances E. Johnson, 1938]

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