12 November 2016


God always knew. 
But then I could not appreciate. 
Now she’s an eagle when she flies. 
Her heart was as soft as eiderdown. 
She weathered stormy skies. 
She was a sparrow when she was broken. 
But God made her an eagle in his sky. 
No one could ever keep her down. 
She was a mother. 
She was a friend. 
She was my lover. 
She was my wife. 
Gentle as the sweet magnolia. 
Strong as steel in her faith. 
She's was an everlasting shoulder. 
She's was the leaning post of life. 
She hurt deeply when she wept. 
She's was as fragile as a child. 
But now she's an eagle when she flies. 
The Lord blessed her. 

Now she's an eagle when she flies.

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