22 October 2016

Why So Many Distrust Hillary Clinton

The revelations that reinforce the public’s distrust of Hillary Clinton keep on coming.
One has to wonder if HRC, knowing that she had made these mistakes in judgement and gone back on her word to avoid conflicts of interest, would have done better to come clean months ago. rather than waiting to see  how much an investigative media or Internet hackers could ferret out.
At a time when her Republican rival, Donald Trump, is imploding with a sex scandal and irresponsible allegations of a rigged election, news of HRC’s missteps keeps his challenge alive. This week has two troubling report:
First, from the Washington Post, that a former HRC aid at the State Department tried to bargain with the FBI to reclassify an email so that it would be hidden from disclosure … in an obvious effort to help her presidential campaign.
Second, that the web between her family’s charitable foundation and her time as Secretary of State was more tangled than originally thought. USA Today reported that at least a dozen companies gave as much as $16,000,000 to the foundation while at the same time lobbying the State Department for policy decisions that would help those companies’ bottom lines.
And, in an apparent attempt to grease the wheels even more, at least four of these companies outsourced this lobbying work to so-called “Hillblazers,” supporters who raised at least $100,000 for HRC’s presidential bid.
It should be emphasized that in both of these revelations, there is no proof that any illegality occurred. The proposed “quid pro quo” between the State Department and the FBI did not happen. And us Today did not find where any of these Clinton Foundation donors received special treatment from the State Department.
Nevertheless, these revelations underscore why so many people don’t trust the Democrat nominee or her husband, former POTUS Bill Clinton. They play fast and loose with the rules, then deny any impropriety, sometimes even after it has been well-documented.
It’s clear the HRC used a private email server while she was Secretary of State in an effort to keep tighter control of who saw what later on, knowing that she would soon be making another bid for president.
And even there’s no proof that HRC herself solicited foundation donations in exchange for access to her agency obviously plenty of U..S. companies and foresight interests thought the contributions would open some doors at the State Department.
Even if they were mistaken, HRC failed to keep her word, which she gave when she got the appointment from POTUS O, that she would be sure there was a wall between her government service and her foundation. It is incumbent on anyone in public office to avoid actual conflicts of interest and the appearance of them
Voters, even those who have nightmares about a Donald Trump presidency, should question whether she would behave any better as president.
 Tim Kalich, Greenwood Commonwealth

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