09 October 2016

This Leap Year is Critical to Survival of Our Constitutional Republic.

So you have decided not to vote. Then expect same song. Different verse. Years to come.

There are two candidates, one who wears pantsuits to try and disguise a fat ass and thunder thighs. The other a dark, evil, ignorant lord who spews bigotry and hatred and loves only himself. Both are congenital, pathological liars. 

This evening, 9 October 2016, they clash again on the American stage. Tomorrow we will know who was the better prepared by having done serious homework. Only the Shadow knows what evil lurks in their minds.

Consider this. At stake in November is more than just a POTUS. It is the SCOTUS which will have power for several generations to possibly bring our constitutional republic to its knees or to help restore its diminished prestige in the minds of its citizens and the eyes of the world. 

We must never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

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