24 October 2016

Austin Healey Sprite Mark II

Once upon a time in the far, far away, I owned a little car like the one pictured but with a minor exception. Mine was black on black with not even a touch of color. In today's numbers, I paid about $17,000 which was only $2,250 when I bought it brand-spanking-new. I wonder at times just how much one totally restored to pristine condition would cost me today? *sigh*

Gasoline mileage maxed out at 33mpg. I treated it something' awful. Instead of using the brakes I always downshifted because I like the sound and the feeling. Eventually, the transmission said enough is enough and proceeded to just quit. I sold ... practically gave away ... my little machine that I loved so much and mistreated so terribly bad. Today I still have fond memories of my little Austin Healey Sprite Mark II. 

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