27 December 2015

Is Apple CEO Tim Cook Anti-American?

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Unfortunately I missed Charlie Rose's December 20th interview with Apple's CEO Tim Cook on CBS 60 Minutes. However, enough has been published with regard to said interview that Cook should be replaced as CEO posthaste. If Apple's board of directors had any balls they should can the anti-American bastard and do just that. Check out this link for a report by Shawn Langlois in reference to the CBS interview.

A Mac is the first computer that I was introduced to. I like its IOS because it is much more user friendly than Windows OS. However if I were starting over today ... after Tim Cook stated his reason for farming out manufacturing to China ... I would be damned if I were to every buy any Apple product.

Americans lack the proper skills? Give me a fucking break. Tax breaks would make some amount of sense, but lack of skills in American is ludicrous! His head is not in the sand so it must be up the ass of some Chinese promoter. Double entendre intended? You bet your sweet bippy.

If America short on vocational education, Apple is big enough and influential enough to fix that. It could open a few vocational centers around the country to train people to assemble their products. Since wages are not the problem, if Apple wished, it could then build assembly plants all over the country.

It has been reported that an Apple contractor in China had to put up safety nets outside a dormitory for workers because too many unhappy ones jumped to their deaths. Such is the attitude in that country where human rights suck pond scum. Apparently Cook and other "deciders" at Apple don't give a tinker's damn about that rampant abuse in their contract facilities.

As much as I like the IOS, I think that an all American boycott of Apple would be appropriate and deserved.

Once again, fire Cook's ass and even give him a golden parachute. He should have to work under slave labor conditions in a Chinese Apple factory although he wouldn't be hired there because of his lack of skills.

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