03 August 2015

Whatever Became of Honor? [Installment 4 of 5]

During the nineteen-forties and WWII There was a level of honor and pride in the USA that now appears to be passé. So sad and so indicative of the state of American today … thanks to liberalism and Obamaism. What a difference 70 years makes.

Review the following personalities, numbering nearly 100, who put their careers on hold in order to serve [their & our] country.

Don Rickles, US Navy
Served aboard USS Cyrene.  

Harry Dean Stanton, US Navy
Served aboard an LST in the Battle of Okinawa .  

Robert Stack, US Navy
Gunnery Instructor. 

Soupy Sales, US Navy
Served on USS Randall in the South Pacific.  

Lee Van Cleef, US Navy
Served aboard a sub chaser then a mine sweeper. 

Clifton James, US Army
South Pacific. Awarded Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart.  

Ted Knight, US Army
Combat Engineers. 

Jack Warden, US Navy, 1938-1942, US Army, 1942-1945
101st Airborne Division.
Don Adams. US Marines
Wounded on Guadalcanal, then served as a Drill Instructor.  

James Gregory, US Navy and US Marines 

Brian Keith, US Marines
Radioman/Gunner in Dauntless dive-bombers.
Fess Parker, US Navy and US Marines
Booted from pilot training for being too tall, joined Marines as a radio operator.  

Charles Durning, US Army
Landed at Normandy on D-Day. Shot multiple times. Awarded Silver Star, Bronze Star, and three Purple Hearts. Survived Malmedy Massacre.
Raymond Burr, US Navy
Shot in the stomach on Okinawa and medically discharged.
Hugh O'Brian, US Marines

Robert Ryan, US Marines 

Eddie Albert,   US Coast Guard
Awarded Bronze Star with Combat V for saving several Marines under heavy fire as pilot of a landing craft during the invasion of Tarawa. 

Clark Gable, US Army Air Corps
B-17 gunner over Europe. 

Charles Bronson, US Army Air Corps
B-29 gunner, wounded in action. 

Peter Graves, US Army Air Corps

For those don't recognize the names on this list look here for more information that may be of benefit ... especially if you are a fan of old movies.

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