05 August 2015

Three Little Words With Big Impact

I must confess that I might be a bit warped. Suffer from minor OCD. Maybe have too much time on my hands. Am somewhat shallow minded.  Possibly all of the above.

But have you ever considered which certain four-letter words can be questionably applied to emotional relationships? All begin with the same letter? When arranged in alphabetical order, the second letters maybe form a single acrostic promising payback of a debt owed? All three words begin with twelfth letter of the alphabet?

Try “like”, “love”, and “lust”. Disregarding IOU, in which order do people most often “fall”? Do they fall [1] in like, [2] in love, or [3] in lust?

When I was young I remember that first came like. Not sure which was second. Probably lust. I am quite certain that last was loveeverlasting love.

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