09 July 2015


Sixty-eight years or thereabouts separate the racist opinions of three public figures / politicians. First is Theodore Gilmore Bilbo. He proposed a law that was named
Back to Africa Law
Wherefore, in recognition of the above stated facts, the National States Rights Party hereby proposes swift enactment into law of the following:
A) Due to the Negroes' failure to adapt to our American civilization, they shall be stripped of their citizenship.
B) All those willing to voluntarily repatriate back to Africa shall be rewarded with cash bonuses and a prefabricated home in Africa provided by the U.S. Government.
C) Those who resist shall be forcibly deported without the benefit of bonuses.
This action will thereby correct the great error made when the Negroes were first brought to this land. It will be a fulfillment of God's plan according to the Holy Bible when he created the various species and "set the bounds of their habitation."
This is a humane plan which will save many White and Black lives and bring peace and prosperity to our nation and eliminate all the evils of negro crime and ghetto filth.
There should be no criticism of this plan because the deportation of races has been soundly established by recent history, such as the expulsion of thousands of Indians from Negro nations in Africa, the deportation of one million Greeks by Turkey and the expulsion of the Chinese by the Indonesians last year.
Now jump forward by some 68 years, more or less. But first see the Meriam-Webster definition of treason: the crime of trying to overthrow your country's government or of helping your country's enemies during war.

One could reasonably apply this definition to James Evans’s agreement with and support of SCLC’s Charles Steele, Jr.’s words  Charles Steele, Jr.'s words in Jackson, Mississippi recently.

We have here the words of three uber racists who, it seems, would like to see Civil War II in America. If one takes the Webster definition literally, then all three are guilty of treason.

Heretofore, the reverend (what a friggin' joke) Al Sharpton held the title in current times. Seems that he now has company.

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