05 January 2015

Stronzo "Reverend"

If is against US laws for American businesses to bribe [grease the palms] corrupt foreign officials in order to get a permission to do business in their respective countries, then why is it legal for stronzo Alfred "Al" Charles Sharpton, Jr. to demand corporate hush money?

Besides being stronzo [Italian for floating piece of shit], he is a venemous simian snake. [A talking ape man that possibly could have been the inspiration of a famous movie series.]

God help this country which was once the greatest democratic Republic in the world, but thanks to the current stronzo POTUS and gutless legislative bodies, it has sunk to its knees in the despicable metaphoric act of fellatio on anti-American enemies.

Banks have been investigated and found lacking. So have major corporations, e.g., automobile manufacturing, etc. Sharpton definitely deserves the scrutiny of an independent review board since he seems to have Obama and administration minions in his pocket.

Now ... after having been tactful and diplomatic, would you really like to know what I think of 'the reverend'?

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