17 May 2014

Qué Será

Following is a crude corruption of the opening phrase of the soliloquy in the “Nunnery Scene” of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, ‘To be [fucked] or not to be [fucked], that is the question…’ This can be be applicable in the case of homosexual relationships either gay or lesbian. Marriage is the hot buzzword for same sex unions that is becoming legalized in several of the more liberal minded states...either by court decision, by state legislatures, or by popular vote.

In the heterosexual sense, inference is generally made that the male penis penetrates the female vaginal canal during copulation. The homosexual act of copulation merely mimics that of the heterosexual union. Since men naturally have no vagina, anal intercourse is the usual substitute for homosexual males. Lesbians would probably resort to a dildo for an erect penis. It is commonly accepted that the mouth is one of the most sensual parts of the human body. Cunnilingus or fellatio would apply.

What is difficult for me to accept is for a homosexual male to admit that his partner is the “husband” in their relationship. That admission tells the world that he, in the role of “wife”, is dominated by his partner. I supposed that we must admit then, Suum cuique.

There are those who insist that homosexuality is a choice. They’ll never be convinced otherwise. In this, the real world, the attraction of man-to-man and woman-to-woman exists from birth. The only choice, following puberty, is to either act on the attraction or to remain celibate. 

Simple research indicates that same sex acts exist in the animal world. Since they are non-thinking entities does that mean they made a choice? There seems to be a message here.

Civil unions performed by authorized public officials seems more logical than having religious fanatics gag on the word marriage. All the legal protections would apply...as is only fair. Lawyers would not lose coveted fees because divorce rules could still be in place. In my not so humble opinion all legal unions not performed by the ordained clergy should be classified across the board as civil unions. This would apply to heterosexual couples as well as same sex couples. I think that this is a damned good idea.

In the end (pun intended) though, whatever will be will be.

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