27 March 2014

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama

Good cartoonists can grab the attention of readers with their timely and succinct art and captions. Glenn McCoy is one of the masters of the political genre.

Beginning 2008 November 4 the woman who would be first lady 77 days later, began her assumed entitlement of yet-to-be power. Since 2009 January 20, with a vengeance, she has become self appointed plenipotentiary über vacationer at the expense of American taxpayers.

This is only one aspect of her character. In comparison to three of her fellow anthropoeidḗs; Jesse Louis Jackson, Sr. (born Burns), Alfred Charles "Al" Sharpton, Jr., and Jeremiah Alvesta Wright, Jr., she makes them look like paragons of diversity. Racist? Sheesh! How could anyone even think such a thing?

If you want to read more about her radical racist background click on this link.

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