02 January 2014

She Lives Forever in My Heart

In her 1992 annual Christmas address to the Commonwealth, QEII used two Latin words probably not spoken by any one who suffered losses due to the damned interminable wars we continue to endure.  It's extremely doubtful that the words have ever been heard spoken in your local Wally World store. Those two words are annus horribilis...horrible year.

To this point in my life I have endured parts of two years that were personally horrible. The first was when we lost a child. My wife was at my side and together we shared the grief that gradually became softer but never went away. Never forgotten.

The very worst was last year...2013...when my one true love's spirit left its prison on earth. We shared fifty-six years together. I truly believe that my grief must become softer and that she will always live with me in in my memories. I must do what she would have wanted...smile, open my eyes, love, and go on.

T. B. Aldrich's words have so much meaning and, written long before we were born now are so fitting ~

But when the sun in all his state,
Illumed the eastern skies,
She passed through glory's morning gate,
And walked in Paradise.

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