28 January 2014

Do You See What I See?

People tend to glide through their world seeing, yet not seeing. I'm as guilty as the rest until some things are brought to my attention. There is an idiom...the devil is in the detail...that which meaning has been stretched a bit to fit the brand logos that are included here.

We are familiar with the Federal Express logo that readily identifies the company known moving goods forward from point A to point B, but have you noticed the additional emphasis on that action emphasized by integrating a right-pointing arrow within the capital E and lower case x?

The Tostitos logo is a little more subtle. The 2nd and 3rd T letters are holding a chip...ready for the dipping... over a bowl of salsa that dots the i.
The world famous bicycling race, Le Tour de France, is really a fun logo incorporating a cyclist within the word "Tour." The letter o is the rear wheel of the bike, followed by a cyclist that forms the letter r leaning into the front wheel. Neat, huh?

Amazon.com®, while maybe not a famous as Coca Cola®, is becoming a world wide on-line retailer. But do you know that the arrow pointing from a to z that they have everything in between and including a and z.

Dentists dearly love these little candies for the business they bring in. Most of us have never noticed the tiny "kiss" on edge between the K and I.

Ninety-nine percent of us are probably unfamiliar with the Toblerone brand of chocolate bars originating in Berne, Switzerland. Their symbol is is a bear. One will need to look carefully to see the dancing bear silhouetted against the mountain just above the letters LE in the name.

There may be a few places in the US of A don't have and never have had a Baskin Robbins® ice cream store with all its 31 flavors. Creative but not hidden.

Notice that N for Northwest Airlines is in a circle representing a compass, but did you know that the arrow points to the Northwest?

This logo is probably one of the easy ones for all. The half smiley face...represented by the letter g...is part of the goodwill logo.

Hidden...sort of...in the tree are a gorilla and a lioness forming the logo of Pittsburgh, PA, zoo, et al. Not mentioned and certainly not hidden are birds

The catcher's mitt comprised of letters m and b with a baseball Does a good job of representing the Milwaukee Brewers. The design is attributed to an unnamed college student.

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