13 March 2013

Star Trek Health Technology

This 24 January news story is eight minutes minutes. It makes you wonder how near "Star Trek" medicine might really be. The story's a jaw dropper.

General Electric (G.E.) comes through with breaking technology. Click on the web link below.

NBC – NEWS, Web Link Below: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/50582822#5058282

Can it be true? Or, could be just another technological advancement...i.e., major for-profit health care providers lobbyists winning the battle at the expense of the little people.

Like big oil putting the kibosh on internal combustion engines that would allow cars to get 300 miles per gallon. The perception years ago was that big oil bought the patents and locked them away with the secret Coca-Cola formula.

I'm ticked off a big because I was unable to embed or copy the video code. Either click on the link provided or copy and paste in your address bar. C'est la vie.

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