07 March 2013

Smarter Than a 4th Grader?

Ergative is a new word recently added to my vocabulary. I doubt, however, that I will ever use it because the definition is incomprehensible. I found it at Literal Minded and the post itself seems so convoluted that it could only be understood by a doctoral candidate or, possibly, a fourth grader.

Even Merriam-Webster's definition: of, relating to, or being a language (as Inuit or Georgian) in which the objects of transitive verbs and subjects of intransitive verbs are typically marked by the same linguistic forms; also : being an inflectional morpheme that typically marks the subject of a transitive verb in an ergative language...is Greek to me.

The only thing that I could understand is that ergative is from the Greek for work and that the first knows use was in 1939.

I need to consult with my fourth grade nephew and have him use it in a sentence that I can comprehend.

C-est la vie.

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