15 February 2013

The Singular Obama

POTUS O sees himself as the only one on the mountain.

                                                       ~ Martin Kozlowski

Obama speaks in terms of unity...with he being the unit...the political singularity. He wants to rebuild the country in his own image. If you want to read more about O's dreams, suggest you read Henninger: The state of Obama. It is becomes clearer each day as O continues to build that monument to himself. He doesn't give a fat rat's patootie about the USA.

That we are all just riding in Barack Obama's sidecar should have been obvious from day one. His 2008 Denver acceptance speech enveloped nearly everything. The vast, sweeping goals he then laid out in January 2009 are virtually the same ones he described Tuesday night...

Read also James Taranto's entire WSJ article posted here.

President Obama's preantepenultimate  State of the Union address reinforced the perception that he has, for the most part, given up on working constructively in a divided government.

I say again that Putin's kind of power and government are those which POTUS Barack Hussein Obama would give his right arm (or left nut) for.

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