24 February 2013

Husbands and Wives AP Style

Being no expert, I'll use terms that I understand. Beginning during the ancient era of a partial timeline relevant to historical eras...say about 600 BCE...marriage has been formally accepted as the physical joining of male husbands and female wives...sometimes monogamous and often polygamous, but nearly always heterosexual relationships.

From the beginning of recorded time homosexual relationships have existed and have been acknowledged but not always openly and most definitely not legally condoned. Beginning in the twentieth century the formerly closeted homosexuals began leaving their closets to emerge into the world of daylight. Religious and governmental organizations are beginning to accept the relationships between same sex couples and to take an active part in legalizing the unions.

I have no problem with the concept of legal homosexual contracts because I believe that the legalized protection and shared benefits of partners are just as deserving as those enjoyed by legally protected men and women.

Very recently the
AP Stylebook included guidelines that tackled the "husband" and "wife" wording in reference to homosexual legal partnership contracts.

Traditionally the husband has been the "alpha dog" to the "omega" wife. We all, however, know that is not always totally accurate. The reality is that a wife can be the "alpha" partner in a relationship.

I cannot imagine why testosterone driven men would want to scream to the world that they are "wives." I am reminded of a crude old joke in which a black country lawyer referred to the parties as "fuckee" (recipient) and "fucker" (donor) in a rape case. If a man prefers to be butt fucked, that's usually his personal choice. I think that it would be terribly embarrassing though for the world to know that titillating bedroom fact. Some people just have no pride. On the opposite side of the coin are the female "husbands," nearly always perceived to be butch.

Times change. Things change. OK. Admit you are a  gay couple and let it go at that. Information overload can be redundant.

I try not to be judgmental but if you see this opinion as that, then so be it.  If you don't like the program change channels.

C'est la vie.

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