26 January 2013

Stars and Stripes Forever

Cameron Carpenter Plays Sousa

This young man adds new drama to the pipe line. The shoes? Well, the shoes are designed specifically for Latin dances. Notice that the narrow heels make heel-toe movements easier and more accurate when playing the foot pedals. Just watch those virtuoso feet go hell bent for leather. He plays like the athlete he is.

Click on the bio link to learn more about this master organist.

CC says Parisians are snobs. Of course that's not news. He has adopted Berlin because they are more accepting of his fashion and playing style.

A bit of humor is added with the kids' songs we all know.

Be kind to your web-footed friends
For that duck may be somebody's mother,
She lives in a nest in a swamp
Where the weather is always damp.

Be kind to your old umbrella,
For some day it may be under the weather.
Be kind to your old pair of shoes,
And they'll keep out the rain and mud.

Be kind to your fur-bearing friends,
For a skunk may be somebody's brother.
Be kind to your friends with the stripes
Including raccoons and snipes.

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