01 January 2013

Contentiouosity* at the Top

Once upon a time there was a professional football head coach who wanted to be GM and a team owner who wanted to be head coach. You can read a little about their never ending cat fights that are about to enter their second decade. One story can be found here and another on this site site.

Their contentiouosity (*a made up word that seems to fit different political fields) reminded me of what our wannabe dictator POTUS and opposition groups are involved in right now. One may identify with "fiscal cliff" but I'm referring to a blog post written by a Marine about using fired military personnel who are immensely qualified to do two critical and important jobs in the civilian sector.

Where I used the word "fired" the military would say "reduction-in-force" which dances around the fact that these people lost their jobs due to budget cuts. Not only are many of the 20,000 Marines qualified, but so are other equally qualified military personnel now without jobs. They served us well. Who can say we don't owe them anything?

Two civilian fields that could make excellent and efficient use of these people are armed school security departments and the TSA (Transportation Security Administration). Such highly qualified people who are returning home after having served our country are already trained in the safe use of handling firearms. 

Obviously psychological guidelines are needed. PTSD problems would disqualify many. Only some physical injuries would eliminate others. Many who have lost both lower limbs which have been  rehabbed with prostheses can out-do so many non athletic (and even some who are very athletic) adults...in spades. Reject those who served? Hell no! Retraining would be a money saving snap for most.

Articles regarding the stupidity of TSA civilians are prevalent in the media. TSA employees, especially at airports need to be fired en masse and replaced with qualified ex-military returnees who want and need jobs.

Of course our top tier government officials would reject such logic out of hand by refusing the idea completely without consideration or discussion.

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