02 January 2013

Black Beauties

Most Beautiful Horse in the World

These horses hail from Friesland in the Northwest region of the Netherlands. This ancient breed was originally used as the favored mount of knights because of its easiness to train and eagerness to work, along with its kind disposition and ability to carry the heavy weight of the armored mount while remaining agile and brave on the battlefield. These characteristics are still inherited by today's Friesians and are what make the Friesian an ideal show horse and pleasure horse alike. 

Before the Industrial Revolution, Friesians made superb farm animals capable of pulling heavy loads in the fields, while also being elegant enough to be put in front of the most prominent carriages. Although the Industrial Revolution and the advent of the tractor made friesians obsolete on the farm, their beauty and versatility saved them from extinction. Today, the Friesian is the Royal Dutch Breed and is unequaled by any other in carriage driving. The Friesian's versatility also makes them talented dressage, hunt seat, western, and saddleseat mounts. The easiness of the Friesian to train also makes them popular in circus acts and public exhibitions.

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