18 December 2012

WWII Japanese Formal Surrender

Ceremony on the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay


Stills of signatories representing the Emperor of Japan, plus General of the Army (5 star) Douglas MacArthur and American allies have been in circulation for more than sixty-seven years. Video footage, especially in which MacArthur spoke, seems to be fairly rare.

With the surrender of Nazi Germany and Japan, patriotic Americans proudly supported and respected our returning military personel. This was maybe a last hurrah for the USA where a similar spirit prevailed.

Since WWII there have been wars labeled differently, e.g., "police actions," etc. Currently we are embroiled in the longest war of our history. It's an unpopular war (Was there every really a popular war?) and our warriors, as well as American citizens, are simply tired.

As an aside, one may want to read The Good War by Studs Terkel. It's an oral history of WWII. Easy to read and interesting.

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