22 December 2012

Wheel of Misfortune

This evening on ABC news there was mention  of a recent contestant on NBC's Wheel of Fortune show. Contestant just happened to be from the South. She gave the correct answer...which was "Seven Swans a Swimming." However Pat Say-jackoff screwed the woman out on an honest win. Being southern, I would have also dropped the ending "g" sound. What in holy hell is wrong with swimmin' anyhow? Everyone knows what it is.

What would have happened if a person from from Long Island, New York, had routinely pronounced an answer "Linder" for the name Linda?  Would that person have been screwed out of an honest win? Of course not. It's considered kosher and acceptable for New Yorkers and Bostonians to butcher English pronunciations. Any one of them, however, would have won.

Say-jackoff is a bastard of the 1st degree for not allowing any leeway for area pronunciations except when it suits his whim.

Now I know why I don't like and never have liked watching Wheel. It's the Sajakass in charge.

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