06 December 2012

Noah in the 21st Century

Noah slipped through a rip in the space-time continuum that God had secretly told him about and ended up somewhere in California in 2011. Had to be California because there is no hill that even remotely resembles Mt. Ararat in the Gulf South. Besides, the nutty people in California really believe that time travel exists. They believed it because that's where Hollywood is and Hollywood only produces the truth.

Together they probably figured that 21st Century technology, GPS, ship building tools, et cetera, would be readily available at Sears or Home Depot and the job could be done more efficiently and quicker than back when it took 120 years to build the original Ark. Also National Weather Service is alway spot on accurate now.

Little did they realize...

If the Biblical book of Genesis, known as the Book of Moses, and the book of Exodus was about Moses and the movie, The Bible, was based on the first 22 chapters of Genesis and Moses was not a character in the 1966 movie directed by John Huston, was Moses the script writer and cameraman? Just wondering.

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