15 December 2012

Mean Spirited Delta

Diseased Spirit of Delta

Just having read a BlackFive post with regard to rude and ill treatment toward current US veterans by some commercial carriers in general, and by Delta Airlines [DL] in particular, I wanted to post a comment on the BF site, but had problems doing so. As I result I decided to make my own statement and reference the BF and Washington Post articles.

15 December 1982 a brand new 767 was given to DL by the company's enamored employees. The dedication was exactly 30 years ago today. After 24 years of service, Ship 102, The Spirit of Delta, was retired. By that time customer service had already deteriorated.

My perception of the employees of any corporation is that have a tendency toward emulating the bosses...all the way down the ladder from CEO to field unit managers.

Delta is absolutely not the service oriented organization that it was three decades ago. There an indifferent attitude the permeates the greedy and diseased company.

PS: A poll shows Delta to rank #3 on a list of the rudest US airline crews.

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