28 November 2012

Sandy and The Lady

Storm Battered

Battered but still standing, the one hundred twenty-six year old lady stood her ground and took Sandy's beating like a man. Whether Photoshop'd or not, the picture gives one a only a  tiny hint of the  severity of Hurricane Sandy. 

Classified a category 1, with winds below 100 MPH Sandy was considered "weak" in hurricane language. However,  combined with the two critical elements in the following paragraph, Sandy became a super hurricane

The storm's slow speed (about 10 MPH)  and the huge wind field size (more than 1,000 miles in diameter), spanned multiple tide cycles, resulted in repeated and extended periods of coastal and bayside flooding. Heavy rainfall contributed even more to the overall damage. Sandy's "eye" made landfall 29 October.

Click on the current condition of the statue to read more about Liberty's survival.

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