09 November 2012

Poor Karl

Mr. Rove, because of his past successes, had come to believe his own press. He pretended that there was no elephant in the room regarding the Ohio projections that he had failed as the 2012 kingmaker. He denied that the Democratic brobdingnagian jackass had just kicked the shit out of his Republican elephant.

Meltdown has become the dominant descriptive buzzword used to label his denial in a FOX broadcasting company interview. Personally, I think that meltdown is a bit of an overstatement. However, exaggeration is common in the media.

Denial? Yes. He was drowning in his desperation and just could not come up for air in attempts to get [his] network to rescind calling the election in Ohio.

In the blogosphere are several web logs that I like to read. A recent post by Badtux caught my attention. What follows in a partial quote that I thought to be interesting.

"One of the most poisonous ideas that has invaded the Republican party is a nihilistic philosophy that there is no objective reality, that reality is created by their collective desires and wishes."

You may or may not know ... or just don't care ... that the term nihilism comes from the Latin word 'nihil' which literally means "nothing."

C'est la vie.

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