06 November 2012

Politics Over the Horizon

Will today become the conservative D-Day, 6th of November, 2012, or will it be the end of time precursor as predicted to be 21 December 2012 by the end-time Mayan Calendar? The stone is, by the way, a beautiful piece of work. Too bad the results, regardless what they are, at the end of this day will not be so beautiful.

Mayan End-Time Stone

In the event the Mayan Calendar ... also known as the Aztec Calendar ... is accurate, then today's election results will matter not one whit.

Obviously I have my own personal opinion. Mainly being that neither the Democrat nor the Republican party candidates are worthy of being POTUS. My inability to piss across the Mississippi River at its mouth in the Gulf of Mexico equals their inability to run this country in a progressive and honest manner that will be most advantageous to our country. The strength of the USA relies on strong character and correct decisions each and every day. The current administration has led us to the nadir of despair.

The irony of nadir is that its origin is the Arabic word naẓīr. Is there an underlying meaning here with regard to the current POTUS?

We all know that all politicians are truth-impaired. To put it bluntly, they all consistently lie through their teeth.

May heaven help us. We're going to need all the help we can get.

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