23 November 2012

Hawgs in da 'Hood

Holy pork sausage, Batman!

I would not want a pig farm for a neighbor either...but for a totally different reason. Pig farms stink to high heaven! Being downwind from a pig farm is much worse than being downwind from a paper mill on a humid evening.

However, that's not the point here. For a totally different and very pushy culture to settle in my neighborhood and attempt to dictate to me and my neighbors their contrarian imported religious laws would piss me off royally. 

Since this clip is a bit long in the tooth by now, Mr. Baker may already be shit (pig, that is) out of luck. Katy, on the west side of Houston is in three counties...Waller, Fort Bend, and Harris. The area is now urban and, if the pig farm is no longer located there, the Muslims may have won without having to fire a shot.

Muslims need to take a more tolerant stance. They need to be able to laugh at themselves.

A mosque for intolerant proselytizing Muslims should be conveniently and usefully centered in a neighborhood comprised of businesses run by people who take a lighthearted view of life. Most would probably be of a kafir or infidel persuasion.

Businesses could include The Turban Cowboy Club and a topless bar appropriately named You Mecca Me Hot. A butcher shop specializing in pork and an Iraq o' Ribs  open pit pork BBQ restaurant with sidewalk seating would be a nice addition. Last, but not least, the business community would include a sex toy shop called Koranal Knowledge and a liquor store appropriately named Morehammered.

Maybe my imagination has run amok, but it seems to me that the pain-in-the-ass Muslim guy has a Scottish accent. Makes one wonder if he lived there long enough to pick up the accent before the good Presbyterians got fed up with his shenanigans and told him get the hell out of their country.

In no way is this post politically correct nor is it intended to be. We are a democratic republic diametrically opposed to the Muslim Sharia law as dictated by radical Islamists.

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