18 October 2012

VP Aspirants for Coming Administration

Joe Biden plays a great fool but the USA cannot afford a fool just one breath away from the presidency. The cartoon below, by Gary Varvel, was spot-on in this depiction of Biden at the vice presidential debate.
Children love clowns. Some children want to be clowns. Most, however, grow up and mature into something better. Not to discredit the clown profession, but it seems that Joe Biden, VPOTUS, just never progressed beyond his childishness. Could his performance at the debate between he and and Congressman Paul Ryan, Thursday past (2012.10.11) have been a deliberate smoke screen in an attempt to hide his ignorance? Maybe so.

Thomas Sowell's words quoted here (from his column printed on the JWR site) are a perfect fit for GV's cartoon above.
The know-it-all smirks and condescending laughs of Vice President Joe Biden, when Congressman Paul Ryan was speaking during their debate, were a little much from an administration presiding over economic woes at home and disasters overseas — and being caught in lies about both. Like Barack Obama, Joe Biden has all the clever tricks of a politician and none of the wisdom of a statesman.

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