16 October 2012

The Emperor Wears No Clothes

Were it not for the teleprompters that he has been hiding behind since taking office 2009.01.20 as POTUS ... charismatic, but shallow and narrow ... Obama would appear totally naked to his blinded admirers. To objective observers who refuse to wallow in ignorance he has always been transparent. The first debate proved that the emperor wears no clothes.

Charles Krauthammer gave us a peek when he busted him with regard to his inability to think on his feet in Denver during the 2012 October 3rd debate.

In the October 29th issue of National Review online Peter Kirsanow gives more insight.

Jimmy Carter can now rest easy since he is no longer the worst POTUS in US history. Obama is arguably the most dangerous POTUS in history and in the event he wins a second term he will prove it.

Obama's priorities as seen in the mind's eye of 
political cartoonist Glenn McCoy.

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