02 October 2012

The Cure

Beginning this post with a strongly regarded opinion lets every reader know my exact position. Every heterosexual couple (whether married or not) that has children needs to have at least one who is homosexual.

Those that believe homosexuality to be a choice are grossly ignorant. Why would people consciously chose to position themselves to be ostracized, abused mentally and physically, and even murdered in a brutal and savage manner? Muslims are not alone in doing this. It has happened happens and continues to happen right here in America.  Remember Matthew Shepard?

I know from personal experience. As a parent, I've been there. I chose to love rather than lose. My wife and I learned immensely. We learned tolerance. We learned from those who had been expelled from the lives of their intolerant parents just how much they suffered and grieved. We learned that they envied our child's relationship and acceptance. The list goes on.

Expelling a child from his or her home just because he or she is different in some way is hateful and cruel. The mental damage can go with parents and children to death.

Being something of a libertarian, I dislike the direction that our nanny government chose to take many, many decades ago. However, what is done is done and will continue to affect us in perpetuity.

California, in my opinion, has always been populated with people that are a little bit quirky. Kids need to be protected and if the government feels that it has to step in and do the job as stated in the NYT report then it will be. Note that some comments following the article make valid points.

Reparative therapy, and related concepts are bullshit, pure and simple. So are Leviticus 20:13 and 1 Corinthians 6:9. With regard to organized religion it may be said that I am an apostate. I am not atheist. If this seems to be contradictory to you, so be it.

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