04 October 2012

Pimping in The Netherlands

This post is based on information acquired from the Al Jazeera (English version) web site headquartered in Doha, Qatar.

A video ... part of a larger article ... can be found at the bottom of this post by clicking on (this site). The story is about a Dutch-Moroccan in The Netherlands. He is a social worker who specializes in targeting sex-trafficking (a forbidden subject in the Moroccan culture) of young Dutch girls by their pimps, referred to as Lover Boys.

Ibrahim, the social worker, (1) works with vulnerable young men in youth clubs and (2) is a lobbyist working to get the matter addressed by the local politicos. One goal is to get the legal age raised from 18 to 21.

Prostitution in The Netherlands is legal for anyone over eighteen. Within the community of Dutch-Moroccans where he works, he is fighting against a cultural taboo.

This site provides extensive information ... including the aforementioned video ... with regard to the subject matter and the story of Ibrahim that was published May, 2012.

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