12 October 2012

Civil War Music

Julia Ward Howe, in 1861, wrote the words that, combined with William Steffe's melody, would become famous as The Battle Hymn of the Republic. Steffe's melody, written about five years earlier, was already known as a popular Union Army marching tune.

Whether performed by mixed amateur school choirs, as heard in the first example, or really grand versions, e.g., Robert Shaw Chorale ... second example ... or Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the song is truly majestic and inspirational to Americans. 

Dixie, the rousing song of the Confederacy, has been much ... and unjustly ... maligned and, sadly is no longer politically correct and is now considered racist by the mostly black culture and political liberals. Dixie was, in fact, written north of the Mason-Dixon Line and was popular in the north before it became a hit in the South. Dan D. Emmett's original words and music still bring people to their feet as no other song in America does.

PS: On a distantly related but different subject, read this opinion by Ben KinchlowAmerican. He just happens to be a black man.

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