22 October 2012

Amateur* POTUS

Quoted from a DEEBOW post titled "President Epic Ass-Clown" on BLACKFIVE  dated October 19th, 2012. A link contained in the post also directs the reader to referenced Jon Stewart interview with POTUS Obama on the Daily Show.
"Thanks Mr. President for pulling sharply into focus how you truly feel and just exactly what a freaking amateur you are and pointing out in grand fashion how you are out of your depth in a parking lot puddle.  What is broke in government Mr. President is you."
From the several definitions of "assclown" provided by UD, I have chosen this one to define Obama: A person who, while making a serious attempt as something, fails to realize what a complete fool he has made of himself. Military personnel, especially the younger ones, have many words in their vocabularies that use the "ass-" prefix. Asshat is another.

*a person inexperienced or unskilled in a particular activity

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