30 September 2012

Putrefaction of Ranking US LEO

Eric Himpton Holder, Jr.

This bigoted man ... and first black to hold the position ...  would be better described as Duke of Doom since he was appointed to a cabinet level position by the Prince of Fools, Barack Hussein Obama II. He, as head law enforcement officer and chief counsel to the prince, is fast dooming the Department of Justice to forever be known as being headed by, arguably, the absolute worst AG since the position was created in 1789.

He is known for for his unmitigated gall . . . make that big brass balls . . . for stopping attorneys in his own Department of Justice from completing the prosecution of black thugs who stationed themselves outside a Philadelphia voting site to harass and intimidate white voters. See Thomas Sowell's article for more information with regard to just one more despicable act by the bigoted Duke of Doom.

If one wants to read about T. Sowell, then go to this site which gives a brief biography plus additional links to articles that he has written.

To read more about Eric Holder see this guide to the political left. It contains interesting and very disturbing information about a man appointed to a position of power by the Prince of Fools and approved by ignorant and sycophantic members of a Congress of baboons who were apparently too lazy to do their homework.

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