22 September 2012

Muslim Bastards Murder US Diplomat

  Christopher Stevens, American Ambassador to Libya

Here we are. Following the gruesome torture and murder that many countries and Americans too, consider to be an act of war, where are we? We are burdened with our Prince of Fools, POTUS Obama, who is no more than the apologist-in-chief especially when one takes into account his sympathies that lie with Islam, the faith of Muslims. To top it off his administration also has the Duchess of Fools, SOS Hillary Clinton, who is in lockstep with her boss.

Christopher Stevens, American Ambassador to Libya,
being dragged through the streets of Benghazi 

In the second picture it's difficult to tell whether Stevens is dead or alive. Obviously, I don't know the translation of the Arabic beneath the photo.

America's liberal alphabet TV channels and print media haven't shown these pictures ... and won't ... because they are  in bed with the Democratic administration.

To our president Ambassador Stevens' horribly gruesome and grisly murder was apparently just another act of violence like Fort Hood. He and the Secretary of State have already apologized and will soon send Libya another 6.3 billion US dollars in foreign aid.

Obama has two young daughters. Christopher Stevens, an American diplomat, father, husband, and American Citizen, is shown being dragged through the streets of Benghazi, and and the POTUS does NOTHING! Apparently he cannot ... or refuses to ... relate his having children to a diplomatic representative of the United States having a wife and children. Obama's non-reaction is repugnant and insulting.

The apologist POTUS headed off to Vegas the next day for another fundraiser.

We live in a sad era in a pathetically governed country.

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