25 September 2012

Living in Fear for US Republic's Longevity

One cannot help but wonder if the citizens of the United States of America seriously want a continuance of the freedoms envisioned by this country's founders. If there is a sincere desire toward that goal, then we had best get off our lazy asses and out of our equally lazy mindsets and get to work.

There are some quotations included in this post.

Thomas Jefferson said:
"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."
What Jefferson did not foresee was the sheer size and power that would come to be. Now, it matters not how well armed the citizenry is, there is absolutely no way for there to be any defense against the government's military assets.

Field Marshall Erwin Rommel (a true warrior but not a Nazi party member) was one of the greatest military leaders, with exceptional moral and tactical abilities. He was regarded with fear and respect among both his troops and his opposition. Rommel gave prisoners the same amount of food, water, and medical treatment as he did his own men, as well as set fire to orders from Hitler to execute Rommel’s prisoners.

Rommel is quoted as having said this:
"In a man to man fight, the winner is the one with one more round in his magazine."
Simple logic tells us who would have the last round.

Now we're down to this current fact that Montesquieu stated more than 200 years ago: 
“It is the universal experience that every man with power tends to abuse it; he will proceed until he finds the limits.”
Just what in unholy hell do you think is happening to The United States of America now?

Here's part of a comment that I recently ran across in response to a Captain's Journal post. I have taken the liberty of a little editing.
When Obama and Holder violate dozens of U.S. laws and then lie to Congress and obstruct justice, people don’t care. The statist media is in the tank for Obama. Opposing (ultra conservative) viewpoints can be seen on Fox and the internet. The news is out there. People  simply no longer care. If there was public outrage with people marching and protesting, Obama and Holder would be gone.
Not much remains of our republic. And it’s dangerous that Obama now knows that he can engage in criminal activity with relative impunity. If he gets a second term ...

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