12 September 2012

Just 2 Words: Jihad and Friend

It may seem extremely odd to use jihad and friend together as a post subject. There is a reason for my doing so. My thoughts on the subject were triggered while I was reading a post followed by a commenter who used the Arabic word, hirabah.

First, I'll begin with friend. In my opinion, friend is one of the most misused words in the English language. Many say, "mah frien'" or something to that effect and the meaning is nothing more than bullshit ... malarkey for the sensitive. We all know that the English language is ambiguous and words and phrases are misused either intentionally or through ignorance of their meanings.

Moving on to words and terms in other languages we find that Americans absolutely love throwing around words and phrases in languages other than English. It's done pretentiously or to make a point when the English meaning is insufficient. Along with most English speaking Americans I fall among the vast majority of those who are guilty of such.

I had no clue with regard to the meaning of hirabah so I had to do a bit of research. It became apparent that jihad and it derivatives have become the popular buzzword darlings with the uninformed media types and, as a result, have embedded themselves with the equally misinformed and uninformed public and politicos.

We Americans, narrowly educated in English and mostly illiterate in languages of other cultures and nationalities, love to use foreign words and phrases. Whether in casual conversation (usually with people whom we want to impress) or to speak/write vividly and fluently on our own blogs.

Even before 9-11 we began to slide into the jihad trap. Since then we have plummeted like lemmings into that trap.

TAM provides fuller explanations and meanings of both jihad and hirabah.

The importance of select specific words, in my opinion, is covered quite well in this SWJ article from 2009.April.9.

Jihad is stuck in American minds like barnacles to a ship. It would take so much chipping that to change its use would take than our lifetimes.

Another word from the Arabic is takfiri which is a Muslim who accuses another Muslim of apostasy. This a word that describes many of the formerly faithful of other religions. It's simpler just to lump 'em in with all the miscreants who argue ... theologically speaking ... in opposition to others.

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