05 September 2012

Cat Carrier ~ a Dream?

The multihull based aircraft carrier story began making rounds of cyberspace via email about a year ago. The veracity of the story is considered "undetermined" by snopes.com ... for whatever that's worth. All views are very obviously computer concepts.

Bow View of Concept Catamaran Carrier

Parallel Flight Decks Aerial View
Toward Stern from Starboard

View from Stern
Showing Helicopter Pads 

Helicopter Pads and
Port Side Flight Deck

If true, China is thinking out of the box with this design. How about us? Wonder what our Naval design engineers have on the drawing board?

China is BIG! China thinks big. China thinks ahead. China basically owns our ass in the international debt game. That’s big.

China has some of the biggest infrastructure projects in the world. One is the Three Gorges damn and with it the world’s largest and most powerful hydroelectric power station with 34 generators. It has opened the world’s longest over water bridge … more than 2.5 miles longer than the previous longest bridge over water, the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in Louisiana.

China has opened the world’s highest railway line … Qinghai-Tibet Railway line, the world's highest railway line connecting the Tibetan capital, Lhasa, with Golmud in Qinghai, China. At its highest point in the Tanggula Pass, the railway line reaches an altitude of 5,072 metres. That's nearly 17,000 feet.

Does one dare to think, therefore, that China cannot build a cat carrier? Or is it just a dread?

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