08 August 2012

Amateurish Techie Trompe L'oeil

Pretty neat three dimensional graphic on the trailer side and rear . . . wouldn't you say? This was received via e-mail as part of a series of graphics. The computer graphic artist probably thinks that he or she is an expert at photo manipulation. I would guess that PhotoShop was the tool of choice.

However the techie made one very obvious glaring mistake and carried the same mistake throughout the series. Note that there are no details on the rear that would indicate doors having hardware. The tech artist appears to be German (based on the other graphics in the series).

Other photos in the series go on to prove all points. All trucks are the same. All appear at the same point on the same road against the same backdrop. This mail is not making its first round.

For those not familiar with photo manipulation the artist seems talented and clever. Very amateurish work, however.

Going Backward

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