27 August 2012

No Poker Straights Here

In poker a straight could be a winning hand but here it is not. Think toilet. All of them are nothing more than globs of fecal matter that deserve nothing more than to be flushed. A toilet flush beats 'em every time.

Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson is a pseudo Christian to the nth, i.e., false, counterfeit, fake. He is vicious in his derision of entities he perceives to be counter to what or whomever he supports. He is anti everything except himself. He is so loudly vocal in his anti-gayness that one cannot help but wonder. I start with him because he epitomizes the meaning of the logo at the end.

Jeremiah Wright

Another counterfeit Christian who has said that blacks should not sing God Bless America, but instead sing 'God Damn America' with his assertion that the United States brought on the 9/11 attacks with its own "terrorism." 

Fred Phelps

An absolute bastard who uses his claimed faith to attack people at their most vulnerable times with his atrocious and outrageous words. He has no qualms about causing great pain. In his narrow mind everyone on earth is going to hell with the exception of he and his like-minded family who comprise the tiny congregation at his Westboro church in Topeka, Kansas. Phelps preaches nothing but hate and deserves his own special corner in hell.

Al Sharpton

Jesse Jackson

Now the two above ... Sharpton and Jackson ... are basically the same breed of cat. Both are simply douchebags with their over-inflated sense of self worth. They are not of the same ilk as Robertson, Wright, and Phelps. One trait, however, that they all have in common is the love of being a focus of public attention.This is evidenced by their (Jackson and Sharpton) presence at controversial events where they take advantage of liberal media coverage. Rather than being at such events to help people of their own race, they are present ... always ... for their own glorification.

Finally, the most appropriate logo for the five individuals pictured above is this ... a barbed wire depiction of the fickle finger of fate.  Each and every one of those pictured above is notorious for "flipping the bird" or giving "the finger" to anyone stupid enough to follow them. The innocent are also deemed fair game. 

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